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Is your computer feeling sluggish or showing signs of malware? Don't let just anyone handle it! As your dedicated computer specialist, NICE DESIGN brings commitment, trust and expertise to every service offered.

Windows Troubles? No Problem:


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Trusted Expertise: In an age where scams target the vulnerable, trust matters. I prioritize your security and well-being. Rest assured that I am a reliable, honest, and local computer specialist dedicated to serving your best interests.

Comprehensive Services: From speeding up slow devices to removing old files and checking for malware, I offer a range of services to optimize your computer's performance. No issue is too big or too small – I've got you covered!

Security First: Protecting your digital world is paramount. I specialise in malware detection and removal, ensuring your computer is a safe space. Say goodbye to scams and hello to a secure computing experience.

Windows Mastery: Need help with Windows? Whether it's a fresh installation, critical updates, or system recovery, I bring in-depth knowledge to ensure your Windows environment is up-to-date and resilient.

Data Recovery and Forensics: Accidentally deleted files or experiencing data loss? I offer expert data recovery and forensics services to retrieve your important files and provide insights into preventing future data mishaps.

Expert Computer Help: Computer acting up? Confused about certain functionalities? I'm here to provide clear, jargon-free assistance. No problem is too complex, and no question is too basic. Your understanding is my priority.

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