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Cool Web Things
Cool Web Things

You Should Know About

The internet hosts an abundance of cool web things, meaning there are lot's of hidden gems. We're here to shed light on some of these treasures that we believe are worth exploring. Here are the first 10 fun and useful links that come to mind:

uBlock Origin - Nice Design

1. Great Free Ad Blocker: uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a great ad blocker which stops intrusive ads cluttering up your browsing experience. Additionally it enhances your privacy and security while browsing.

Dino Game - Nice Design

2. No Internet Connection Chrome Game: Chrome Dino

Did you know that Chrome has a hidden game for when you're offline? Just hit the space bar or type in chrome://dino and get ready to play Chrome Dino. It's a simple yet addictive game where you control a cute dinosaur and jump over cacti to score points.

Haikei - Nice Design

3. Create Shapes, Waves, Gradients, and More for Free: Haikei

This amazing free web app, Haikei lets you create blobs, waves, geometrical shapes, and more without even needing to sign up. Customize colours, alter shapes, and convert your creations into PNG images or SVGs.

Photopea - Nice Design

4. Photopea: Web Browser Version of Photoshop

Check out Photopea, a web browser-based alternative to Photoshop. With a similar interface and functionality, it's perfect for quick edits without the need for expensive software. (We like to use Photopea for our Graphic Designs).

Icons8 - Nice Design

5. The Ultimate Icon Resource

Head over to Icons8, where you'll find every icon imaginable for free. Simply credit them (e.g., in your website footer) and enjoy access to a vast library of high-quality icons.

Find your double - Nice Design

6. Find Your Doubles: Yandex Image Search

Upload a clear picture of your face to Yandex Image Search and discover visually similar faces from around the web. - Nice Design

7. 20GB of Cloud Storage for Free: MEGA

Sign up for a free account on MEGA and get a whopping 20GB of encrypted cloud storage. Just remember to keep your login information and secret key safe!

Fagan Finder - Nice Design

8. Fagan Finder: Uncover Hidden Gems

Explore Fagan Finder, a collection of tools designed to help you search deeper and find anything online.

Web page to pdf - Nice Design

9. Convert a Web Page Directly to a PDF: HTML2PDF

Use HTML2PDF to convert a webpage directly to a PDF with just a few clicks.

PDF Drive - Nice Design

10. Thousands of Free Books: PDF Drive

Dive into a world of literature with PDF Drive, where you'll find thousands of free books available for download without the hassle of signing up. Just remember to pair it with your trusty ad blocker for a seamless reading experience.

So there you have it – a collection of cool web things to explore and enhance your online experience. Whether you're looking for productivity tools, entertainment, or resources, the internet has something for everyone. Happy browsing!